I’ve found a bag! (Fingers crossed)

Hi readers,

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend and aren’t feeling too rough this morning after last night’s bank holiday! I am feeling fresh myself so I can’t complain. Hopefully the infection I had last week is finally clearing off too.

So I tried the Coloplast Sensura Convex Light One-Piece for a few days and I got on really well with it. I cut the bags myself to about 24mm to give my stoma a bit of extra room as it tends to swell when it’s active. The adhesive on that particular type of bag itself is the best I’ve ever used in all fairness and even seems to be a little stronger than the flat Coloplast Sensura One-Piece.

imageThis is the last sample of the lot I got (pictured left). You can see from that photo that I haven’t cut that one yet, and you can also quite clearly see the convexity.

Pictured right, at the bottom is the front of the bag. As you can see it has a split cover and is clear not opaque underneath the split cover so you can see the stoma (through the ‘inspection window’).

As far as I’m aware they don’t do the bag in opaque with a split cover, which is the only  drawback I see in my opinion as I’ve always felt more comfortable not being able to see into  the bag. The bag also has belt loops for those who use stoma belts and the baseplate is really strong and comfortable against my skin. The emptying outlet is also really good and easy to empty from and clean after properly.  The only other thing I’ve found to be different when wearing the bag itself is it’s a tiny bit bulkier, which is understandable because of the convex baseplate. I was out for the day on Saturday and the bag material itself I had no problems with against my skin like the previous, so that’s a definite bonus having that comfort. image (1)

I’ve ordered some more of the Coloplast Sensura Convex Light on my next prescription.

Hopefully I will continue to use these. I am also thinking about changing delivery companies so if anyone has any recommendations about which to use, please drop me a comment!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “I’ve found a bag! (Fingers crossed)

  1. Coloplast is the best for me. I use the 2 piece light convex out of habit but could use the 1 pc. When the new Mio version comes out in convex it sounds even better. I sent for samples of the Mio in flat but not sure if that will work till I try it.


  2. Hi. I have had an ostomy for the past 36 years and the best company I have used is called ostomart. Please email me of you would like their number. They are completely independent.


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