Exploring concepts of life with an ileostomy.

Hi readers,

For a while now I have wanted to have a go at making some videos covering IBD/ostomy topics. Until now, I haven’t felt ready to but I have asked around on various support groups and have had some good responses and interest shown in me actually doing the videos and talking about my experiences. Obviously, I will be recording them on my phone or with a video camera, so they won’t be of the best quality, but I think what is of most importance is to help people or provide them with information in the right manner, so this is what I aim to do. I have a few issues actually editing the videos as my laptop tends to revolt against me when I want to use sound in Windows Movie Maker, but hopefully so long as the content is okay, I can add a title and captions and voila! It hopefully will be as simple as that! (Although sitting talking about something without messing up isn’t as easy as it may seem! :D)

I actually created a 13 minute video the other day on quite a few elements to do with how I got my ileostomy and tips for ostomy life, but on review and having discussed my ideas with others, I feel it would be best to maybe produce shorter videos covering one topic or a few instead of information overload.

Elements I have had suggested for me to cover include:

  • My Crohn’s Colitis background & how I got my ileostomy
  • What is an ileostomy? (Differences between temporary and permanent as well)
  • Preparation tips pre-surgery
  • Anaesthetic options for the operation
  • What is the operation you had?
  • How long did the surgery take?
  • How did you feel after?
  • Post-surgery tips and words of encouragement
  • How long did recovery take?
  • Did you want to eat straight away after surgery?
  • Forming an eating routine after surgery
  • What foods do you have to avoid?
  • Can you drink alcohol?
  • If I could have given myself one piece of advice back then that I know now having come through it all, what would it be?
  • Does the stoma hurt?
  • How does the stoma stay in place?
  • Do you have to constantly wear an ostomy bag?
  • Do you have control over when your stoma outputs?
  • Are there options for which ostomy bag you can have?
  • What are the types of bags available and what do I use?
  • Can you still wear the clothes you want to or do you have to wear certain things only?

These are just some of the things to cover, so as you can see the list can pretty much be endless. This is why I thought doing shorter videos that tackle certain topics would be better as I know how overwhelming having to take in so much information can be before such a major operation. However, if anybody at all is quite close to having surgery and/or they would like me to answer a number of questions, I will always try my best to do this if you want to drop me an e-mail at: ostomismnotpessimism@outlook.com .

I am aiming to plan and do the first video in the next few days and get it uploaded, so all being well (if technology works on my side!) I will post the link to that in the near future.

Obviously I am not a medical professional, so the views I express and topics in the video will be from my own perspective from the experiences I have had with my ileostomy. It is a good idea if you stay in touch with a medical professional e.g. your stoma nurse, and also consult them before going ahead with new bags for example – what might work for me may not work for you and so on. Everyone is different.

Thank you to those who gave me suggestions and ideas.

Until next time,






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