Introducing my first IBD/Ostomy Video!

Hi readers!

As requested, I have now produced and uploaded my first IBD/Ostomy video. I have also created a YouTube channel for my videos so if you wish to view my channel or subscribe to it, you can do so here:

With it being my first video, obviously there are areas for improvement, but I gave it a good go as my main aim is to just provide help and support/information to others.

I will aim to do at least one video a week on different IBD/Ostomy related topics as well, as covered on my last blog post.

Please feel free to view my video & subscribe, or even leave me a link to your YouTube if you share your own IBD experiences and I will check them out. Also, you can leave comments if you wish at the end of this blog post or on my channel, but please be constructive as this is something I have put a lot of effort and care into in order to hopefully spread Ostomy Awareness and make others feel less alone.

I hope you enjoy watching!

Until next time,



4 thoughts on “Introducing my first IBD/Ostomy Video!

  1. Loved watching your video! You are such an inspiration. It is so great to know that you have someone who can relate. I had an ileostomy but have had mine reversed. Sometimes, I wish I had kept mine because since reversal all the pain has come back. I didn’t miss that one bit. Stay strong and I can’t wait to watch more of your videos!


  2. Thanks for the link on the new blog. Love the videos and your positive attitude. You really helped me out a few months ago with my new ostomy. Thanks again


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