New video schedule & feeling poorly!

Hi readers!

I’ve had a busy week this week & have also been battling Tonsillitis hence the absence of posts & no new video. I’m feeling pretty rubbish in all fairness and it seems to start to get better then get worse. I’m pushing through it though. As the saying goes; “Fall down seven times, stand up eight.”
Definitely when I’m poorly with an infection I find that my output volume is a lot higher and mainly liquid being thrown out by my stoma. It’s been a battle actually getting sugary drinks and energy drinks like lucozade sport for rehydration down as the back of my mouth has been so swollen and painful. I’ve definitely got to keep trying as hard as I can to keep on top of my hydration though as dehydration tends to hit me so easily. Will be searching round for my loperamide again before bed, no luck earlier!

The new video should be done by Thursday/Friday next week when I’ve had chance to hopefully get a lot better. Currently I’m not sure what topic to do for the video out of them all, so if you have any ideas or anything you’d like to see me talk about to do with my IBD/ostomy, let me know.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “New video schedule & feeling poorly!

  1. Hi. Im still dealing with a obno stoma, even 18 month later. I dont seem to digest anything and seem to lose my zest for life. Reading these blogs helpme feel im not alone! Paddy


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