There are so many people at the moment; a few of those close to me, who possess such bravery & really inspire me. There are people who refuse to be beaten and keep smiling when it seems like the hardest thing possible for them & that in itself is just so inspiring beyond words.

Seeing such courage & braving is exceptionally amazing, especially when people have every right to complain yet carry on regardless and make the most of the cards they’ve been dealt so to speak & it is really quite thought-provoking.

When was the last time you woke up on a morning & felt happy to just lie there and feel the covers above you? When was the last time you woke up and felt grateful to be alive, despite the fact that the rain might be hammering down outside & a mentally busy day at work is ahead of you? When was the last time that you actually woke up and felt grateful to be able to work? When was the last time you woke up and felt grateful to not be in as much pain or no pain at all? When was the last time you felt grateful for being able to eat? When was the last time you felt grateful to just be alive? 

It can be so easy to take things for granted; including all those things above. Even some of those things, some people unfortunately don’t have. Some are physically unable to work no matter how mentally strong they may be, some are unable to eat, some have to wake up & face their lot that day that maybe their pain is just the same as yesterday, and sadly, sometimes their pain has increased. Since my operation, I wake up every day feeling so thankful for not having that degree of pain that I experienced pretty much consistently for 15 years of my life pretty much from as early as I can remember. Even if I have aching legs or a bit of a stomach ache or my stoma isn’t 100% happy, I still feel grateful that I am able to get up & go about my daily life pretty much every day. I feel grateful every time I eat, for actually being able to eat with no pain or not even being able to face food. Never again will I take something that may seem so simple and ordinary, such as eating, for granted.

Be thankful for the things & people you have. Everyone has problems and their own issues, but it is becoming much too apparent in society these days that more people are increasingly taking things for granted, such as good health. Yes, we all have a right to complain! We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, we all have emotions and we all have trying times. Yes, we have all been guilty at some point of taking things for granted. However, we all possess it within ourselves to just pause, breathe and reflect for a moment and remember the things that we have to be thankful for, no matter how small or large. For those of you struggling, hold your head up high & smile & remember that things will get better & pain does end. Let’s hold a thought for those people because I, for one, am very proud of every single one of you that has to overcome such painful and unfair barriers daily, often or even at all.

Here is to the inspirational people out there; keep smiling.








7 thoughts on “Bravery.

  1. Hello my friend. Your post has come at a very apt time. I have again been struggling with my bowels, tummy for the last two weeks or so, eventually visiting my G.P. yesterday. It’s a year almost since I had my operation removing 15 inches of colon and have had a number of months pain free but again I am suffering. Your poem is truly beautiful, thank you. Your words of encouragement of carrying on and appreciating everything and being grateful for being able to eat relates to me. I too have so many things to be grateful for, a truly loving family, kind caring husband, two beautiful daughters, a wonderful son in law and two beautiful, adorable grand daughters, I love them all so much. I am grieving for the loss of my mum who died on 14 th January, I miss her very much, she was 83 years old. I am struggling with my emotions but know her health was failing, heart, lungs but mentally she was as bright as a button. She gave us so much throughout her life and always stressing how grateful we should be for everything and always treat people as we ourselves want to be treated. These words are etched in my mind and passed on to my daughters. She herself had a very poor upbringing in the 1930s and 1940s but her never say die attitude got her through, she was an inspiration to me.

    I cannot believe that your message came just today when I really need some strength. I have had 4 visits to the loo this morning and will spend my day pottering and hoping this phase will soon pass. The bloating, the tummy pain, nausea, numerous loo visits are so debilitating. I will speak to my doctor again on Monday to evaluate how my tummy/bowels are.

    Thank you you message.

    Kindest regards Jennifer x

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    • Hi Jennifer,

      I’m glad my post has given you some strength – I am really touched by your comment, thank you 🙂

      I lost my Uncle unexpectedly also due to complications with Ulcerative Colitis & I miss him every day. However, he continues to be my inspiration & because of him I appreciate what I have even more.

      Stay strong lovely, pain does end 🙂 Good luck with the doctor on Monday!


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