It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

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It’s high-time for another fashion post.

With Christmas fast-approaching, I have decided to do a blog post featuring some outfit ideas for Christmas fashion. I have included my ideas for ladies only, but if you are a guy who is struggling with a stoma and wants some ideas or even just a talk (ladies as well, of course!), then feel free to drop me a comment at the end of this post & I will get back to you.

Christmas can be a nerve-racking time for those who do have an ostomy bag for many reasons, not just finding something to wear. Personally, I know just how much of a difference finding some clothes that make you feel better about yourself can make. Sometimes, especially for new ostomates, it can be the difference between them not going to an occasion/gathering and going. It is a hard concept to get your head around when you go through such a change to your body, and can feel really overwhelming if you do not know where to start. A lot of people wonder things such as:

1.Will what I wear hurt my stoma? 

Very highly unlikely.

After having surgery, I’m sure you are very good at noticing when you may be starting to feel discomfort or pain. If anything does start to hurt, then you know something is wrong, but generally the rule I follow is as long as there isn’t a direct, tight pressure applied to my stoma so it is almost suffocated, then I should be okay. I do not wear really tight ‘bodycon’ things personally anyway, as this causes other problems such as bag leaks. I also swear by Comfizz stoma support products, as I’m sure you have seen me mention on other posts 🙂

2. What if I have an increase in stoma output and I can’t empty my bag straight away?

Go for something looser fit & remember the Loperamide (Immodium).

To feel the most comfortable when my bag is more active, I tend to go for tops or dresses that are the skater style. That way you get the gathered, tighter bit on the top down to under the bust, then the floatyness downwards of the garment to accommodate for any bag bulges. I find skater-style garments are ideal for giving me that bit of extra confidence as they allow me to be less paranoid about others noticing if I am having a day with increased output. Looser garments with busier patterns can also help detract the eye away from bag bulges. Also, remember to take some Immodium to help slow output down.

3. Will others be able to notice my bag through my clothes?

Other people are not as aware of it as you, so they are not too likely to notice it. There is plenty of stoma support-wear & are plenty of outfit options you can go for to help give you that extra confidence boost & where your bag will not even be slightly noticeable.

I rely heavily on the Comfizz stoma waistbands to help keep bag lines/creases & bulges under my clothes to a minimum, whether wearing tighter or looser fit clothing. I’ve also been told by my family etc that having an ostomy bag myself obviously makes me more conscious of it, because I’m the one who has it, and that they never notice it in any outfits I wear.

4. Will I still be able to wear the clothes I love & clothes that are in fashion?

Of course! Having a stoma bag does not limit you, it gives you the life you could not have before, as well as the choices. You can wear the clothes you love, and even try new clothing ideas you have not been able to try before from being too poorly to go out, for example.

xmas tops

Here are some tops that I have found that would work great for Christmas wear. To give yourself that extra bit of confidence with tops that are a bit more basic like number one, try high-waisted garments such as black high-waisted trousers underneath to help keep your bag under wraps as well as a stoma waistband underneath. The glam neckline around this top makes it ideal for the Christmas season. You could finish the outfit off by going for some silver kitten heels with a matching glitter, silver clutch for example. Also, don’t be afraid to try bralet tops like number 3 with high waisted garments like the trousers pictured with it.

xmas dresses one

The sequins theme is a big love of mine that always makes me feel festive, glam & glitzy 🙂 I’ve picked out some of my favourites above. These outfits are great for concealing your ostomy bag as all the sequins will detract attention away from any lumps or bulges that may start to appear from your bag as your stoma works. I personally love how sequin garments catch the light & have a few sequin garments myself. The jumpsuit (number 5) is a pick of mine that I absolutely adore. I would team this up with some black glitter heels or matching green kitten heels and a glittery green clutch bag of that shade.


Last, are my picks that I absolutely love from everything I have seen shopping around the internet. The clothes I found all are from, the shoes and necklace are from and the lipstick is from Avon’s long-lasting range, which I use everyday.

Thank you for reading! & don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or message.

Happy Christmas shopping! 🙂

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